Saul Kornik

Chief executive: Africa Health Placements

When you come across a natural leader with a head for business, an altruistic outlook and an appetite for adventure, you can be sure it's someone remarkable, like Saul Kornik. A believer in creating new and improved ways toward a better society, he is leading by example in his professional approach by creating equal access to healthcare � for all. A six-month trip along the east coast of Africa in a traditional dhow made Kornik, a chartered accountant and financial analyst, decide he no longer wanted to work to make the shareholders of Goldman Sachs richer but rather to enrich the lives of people surviving at the lower end of the scale. He found an opportunity to do this in rural health � by applying his commercial mind to placing foreign doctors in underserved hospitals in Southern Africa. So, at 28, with no medical or leadership experience, Kornik founded Africa Health Placements (AHP) in 2005. A "social-profit� organisation, AHP is run like a business and, with a professional recruitment team and smart marketing strategy, has placed 2 000 health workers in Southern Africa in five years. Partnering with the South African, Lesotho and Swazi governments, it has sutured holes in the system, streamlined bureaucratic processes and even advised on policy. A 2008 Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow, Kornik considers creating and leading his unified team to be one of his greatest achievements � along with surviving "Life 2 The Limit�, the 30-day desert island challenge which he competed to raise funds for AHP. Kornik emerged 13kg lighter as one of only two of the original ten who stuck it out. A nature lover at heart, Kornik's plans once he's tended to social ills in healthcare include possibly turning his mind to greener issues. Considering the way he approaches everything he does, we can be sure the planet will benefit. �Lu Larche

Website: Twitter: @AfricaDoctors