Sina Hina

Head: Microsoft business unit, Business Connexion, Eastern Cape

Wining and dining customers between the odd round of golf: it's all in a day's work for 31-year-old Sina Hina. Inspired by Walt Disney's management style Hina shot up the corporate ladder and now heads the Microsoft business unit of Business Connexion in the Eastern Cape. A belief in the possibilities of technology led her to study financial information systems, technology she would like to make widely available and which she is convinced will help transform service delivery in rural areas. In spite of her many achievements Hina still feels she has to prove her worth � especially as a woman in a male-dominated world. But she gets her kicks out of convincing people to use her technology, and she won't rest until her workmates are as passionate as she is. In 2009 her infectious spirit earned her the Business Women's Association corporate winner award for the Eastern Cape. � Sipho McDermott

Twitter: @sinarioh