Sindiso Mnisi Weeks

Senior researcher, law, race and gender unit at UCT

Sindiso Mnisi Weeks cites her privileged Jozi upbringing as the reason why she has always felt compelled to give back to those who have not had the same opportunities she had. A natural negotiator with an enduring sense of social justice, Weeks decided during a gap year to pursue a career in law, which, although she is still young and her experience has been largely academic, has been quite brilliant. A Rhodes scholar with a doctorate in law from the University of Oxford, Weeks clerked for the deputy chief justice of the Constitutional Court, Dikgang Moseneke, and has also volunteered at the Treatment Action Campaign. She is currently a senior lecturer in the department of private law and a senior researcher at the law, race and gender unit at UCT. She is currently attached to the Rural Women's Action-Research project, which combines research and policy work on women, land and customary law � subjects on which she has published numerous opinion pieces and academic articles. Weeks considers herself not so much as a feminist as a believer in gender equality � with her primary aim being to get women's voices heard, particularly with regard to land rights and negotiation, where, in instances such as the loss of a spouse, women's voices are traditionally on "mute�. Her ultimate goal is to see women participating in the democratic process � both at traditional and national levels � so they can protect themselves. Weeks divides her time between Cape Town and New Hampshire and her future plans and those of her American husband are uncertain. But she doesn't deny that she wouldn't say no to an appointment to the Constitutional Court � something those who believe in this young lawyer feel she is destined for. �Lu Larche