Sivuyile Ngesi


Siv Ngesi is not the most talented actor around, he just wants it more than anyone else. Or at least that's the line this self-skilled, self-motivated actor/ comedian delivers with perfect comedic timing. It might be an occupational hazard. The 25-year-old is fresh off the stage of DeKaf, his one-man comedy show that took the Golden Ovation award for best comedy at the 2010 National Arts Festival and has been touring sold-out spaces ever since. But don't be fooled; he takes this acting gig seriously. When he's off stage he's probably on set, taking on lead characters in TV series such as League of Glory or Kululeka or putting on his best German accent for yet another foreign film. He probably has Keifer Sutherland and Jon Voight on speed dial since his successful role in the movie version of 24. Guess he'll have the last laugh when he delivers his Oscar acceptance speech in isiXhosa. � Cat Pritchard

Twitter: @sivn