Traci Reddy

PhD candidate, chemical engineering: UCT national conference director: SAWomEng

Traci Reddy loves the way engineering can be implemented to effect positive change. She used it to tackle an issue of deep interest to her �water. Her doctoral research on using eutectic freeze crystallisation as an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to clean industrial waste water is so significant and has such an impact that it earned her a water research award for outstanding young researcher.After completing her PhD, Reddy aims to inspire future generations of female engineers either through a career in academia or through her role as national conference director of the non-profit organisation SAWomEng. Because she believes that researchers need to speak up and inform politicians about the implications of processes such fracking, she's determined to continue her research work and � through her love of engineering and its technology�implement it to effect positive change.�Lu Larche

Website: page-traci.htm