Tshe-Tsha Boys

Music & dance group

From the streets of Chiawelo, the predominately Shangaan suburb of Soweto, to stages in New York, London, Barcelona and Amsterdam � this is the journey about to be travelled by the Tshe-Tsha Boys. Formed in 2004 by producer Richard Mthetwa (aka Nozinja) after he saw a style of dance called "Tshe-Tsha�, Tshe-Tsha Boys comprises his sons and their friends, dressed in clown outfits. "I was targeting the kids' market, like McDonald's,� says Nozinja. "I thought once I had grabbed the kids I could grab the parents.� But the outfits are hardly child-friendly. With a selection of clown and skeleton masks and pillows shoved inside bright orange overalls, the characters look slightly deformed. And when they show off their dance moves, which involve wriggling, jerky movements, they look especially bizarre. With an international record deal and gigs booked all over the world for later this year, the Tshe-Tsha Boys are about to explode. � Lloyd Gedye

Website: sites.google.com/ site/nozinjamusic/home