Walter Nqobile Bhengu

Candidate attorney: MacRobert Attorneys

Walter Nqobile Bhengu cites his parents, who have always believed in him, as his heroes. From humble beginnings in East London, Bhengu has risen above adversity, paying his own way to emerge as one of South Africa's most passionate and promising young lawyers. Socially and politically conscious, 23-year-old Bhengu is currently completing his articles in Pretoria � an achievement he considers a "dream come true�. In 2010, after obtaining his LLB from Fort Hare, where he served as deputy president of the SRC and chairperson of the Law Student Council, he graduated with a masters in international trade law from Stellenbosch University. Considered a role model by many, Bhengu's list of achievements in such a short time is almost as impressive as the big-hearted, humble personality behind them. For his activism he was honoured with a number of awards at Fort Hare, including the 2008 student governance award and the 2006 commitment of service award. A keen debater, he was voted speaker of the year by the Stellenbosch University Debating Union. Bhengu, who is passionate about youth empowerment, is involved with the Thabo Mbeki Foundation, where he drives youth participation in policy development. He was also a member of the Black Management Forum, holding various leadership positions at branch and provincial level. He believes in the importance of being able to discuss ideas and communicate opinions effectively, which is why his future plans include helping to train children in debating and starting his own consultancy firm in international trade law. With his ability to articulate his thoughts clearly, give of himself passionately and continue to live his life by the adage that "life's biggest risk is not taking one�, it seems there's no limit to what this smart young lawyer can achieve. No doubt his parents are very proud. � Lu Larche