Warren Baynes

Founder: No Standing Recycling

In 2008 Cape Town entrepreneur Warren Baynes was a worried man � recycling just wasn't happening in his community. He realised he could no long "stand around� and wait for somebody to help. So he founded his own waste management company and called it No Standing Recycling. He started with his 1982 Volkswagen Beetle and a trailer and a few clients in Table View. Today he recycles waste for major city companies, including First National Bank. During the 2010 World Cup Baynes handled about 1 200 tons of waste. He had fun keeping the environment clean while other people partied. Baynes is now putting the "cycle� back into recycling. He's busy transforming vintage bicycles into sleek and sexy modes of urban transport. His latest project will make the planet healthier, too. And what does he carry in his wallet? A one-million Zimbabwean dollar note, so that he will "never be broke�. � Sibongile Nkosi

Website: nostanding.co.za Twitter: @nostanding4