Wayne Thornley


Back at Rhodes University, where he studied acting, Wayne Thornley never imagined his first involvement in a major motion picture would be as the director of a full-length animated movie. But sure enough, in 2012, when Zambezia (Triggerfish Studios) hits movie theatres, Thornley will get to see his name lead hundreds of producers, animators and CGI characters on the credit roll. It's a big deal for someone who fell into animation after seven years of slogging it out as an actor and director on live-action films. Luckily, 33-year-old Thornley is in love with the freedom of the animation process."I want wind, I get wind,� he says. "I want a talking elephant, I get a talking elephant. It's amazing.� The family adventure story is racing against two other CGI animated features currently in production to be the first to come out of South Africa. Oversees, the film has been eliciting gasps from production studios when they learn how small Thornley's budget was. All thanks, he says, to the incredible family of producers and animators he has been working with. � Eric Axelrod

Twitter: @thorny77