Zama Katamzi

Researcher: Hermanus Magnetic Observatory (HMO)

astro-scientist Zama Katamzi is star-struck. Her dream is to go into space, "not as a tourist, but to do experiments�. The 28-year-old researcher from Claremont, Durban, is based at the Hermanus Magnetic Observatory (HMO) in the Western Cape, which she describes as "a vibrant place of knowledge�. The HMO is part of a worldwide network that monitors the Earth's magnetic field. Katamzi's research focuses on the ionosphere: a layer of the atmosphere that affects radio communications. Katamzi completed her BSc in physics at the University of Cape Town before winning a scholarship that took her to Bath University in the UK. She'll obtain her doctorate in radio astronomy from Bath later this year. "I am driven by challenges,� she says. "Men should not feel they're entitled to certain disciplines. I love to prove that I can also do it!� Future plans? For Katamzi, the sky's the limit. � Ngoako Matsha

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