Zukie Siyotula

Head of franchise development: Old Mutual

Twenty-seven-year-old qualified chartered accountant Zukie Siyotula believes excellence is the best defence against racism, sexism or ageism. Putting her belief into practice every day, she has ensured that her reputation as a dynamic black businesswoman, change- maker and future leader is rising at a rate faster than inflation. In her work at Old Mutual, Siyotula is passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives. She also serves on numerous boards, including Gra�a Machel's New Faces New Voices Network and the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSP) executive committee. Her astuteness and professionalism earned her the top emerging talent award at the 2009 ABSIP Financial Services Awards, a place in Destiny magazine's Top 40 Women under 40 in 2010 and an invitation to join the exclusive African Leadership Network. Siyotula is inspired by powerful women such as Gill Marcus, Maria Ramos and Futhi Mtoba and it seems only a matter of time before she joins their league, leaving a legacy of excellence in her wake. � Lu Larche

Twitter: @Siyotula