Jaco Rademeyer

The sight of the young property fanatic arriving at show houses on his bicycle will have amused many a Port Elizabeth estate agent. At 10 years old, Jaco Rademeyer was already fascinated by the aesthetics of buildings. Rademeyer studied law at Stellenbosch University but ventured into the property game after selling all 40 units of his father’s development in one day in 2005. “I had a logo made and started working out of my car,” he recalls — and Jaco Rademeyer Estates was born. Rademeyer soon grabbed the National Institute of Estate Agents Award for Rookie of the Year, and was the first agent to immediately follow that with Agent of the Year. He has since expanded across the Windy City, opened the JRE property academy, and was named SA Property Professional of the Year in 2010. He plans to move into other cities soon — and his competitors won’t be laughing this time round.

— Ian Macleod