Nothando Migogo

Nothando Migogo is a change-maker. Guided by her motto, “I’ll learn from you but I’ll do it like me”, Migogo is using lateral thinking and her master’s in law to lead Dalro (Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation) into the digital age, in which the rules of copyright management and engagement have changed. With content now just a click away, she faces a dual task: to use the internet as a tool to help business and content grow, while entrenching the organisation’s relevance to rights holders and users. Migogo, the strategic mastermind behind new practices, is changing gears and direction by introducing a media organisation monitoring licence, a one- stop online shop for academic e-books and a distinctively South African image bank to encourage the use of visual art. By benefitting both the public and the artists she represents, Migogo is changing perceptions and proving that copyright isn’t prohibitive: it’s positive — and fundamentally part of the future too.

— Lu Larche