Ntsoaki Phali

In 2009 Ntsoaki Phali decided to become the change she wanted to see — and so began Beyond Ability Talent Solutions, a self-sustaining recruitment agency for the

physically disabled. As a former human resources co-ordinator, Phali struggled to meet her employment equity target when recruiting employees with disabilities. She knew it wasn’t for want of qualified candidates but rather because of a lack of platforms. Today, the business has 1 800 people on its books and has won numerous awards. It also transports persons with disabilities to client sites and job interviews.

“Employment equity is here to stay, but the biggest challenge is to make sure people with disabilities have the skills they need to secure permanent positions,” says Phali, whose medium-term goal is to establish a skills empowerment centre. Although it’s challenging, she describes the business as a labour of love. “Every day I get closer to understanding why I’m here on Earth.”

— Lisa Steyn