Tshepo Peele

When 29-year-old Tshepo Peele worked for FNB, the only green matter he ever dealt with was cash. It wasn’t fulfilling his innate need to help, so he quit his job and jumped at the opportunity to work with Greenpeace’s fundraising team. With charismatic verve and an ability to get anyone to buy into his ideas, Soweto-born Peele whizzed up the ranks and became Greenpeace’s outreach co-ordinator in less than a year. His role since 2009 has entailed putting Greenpeace’s campaigns in the public eye while developing outreach and volunteering programmes. From riding on elephants across Thailand to being arrested in Durban for attempting to drop a climate-change awareness banner from a hotel rooftop, Greenpeace has shifted Peele’s world. As his next venture, he would like to start his own NGO, helping people who don’t have the time to help to save the planet — the only currency worth saving.

Lu Larche