Bongani Siqoko

Bongani Siqoko embodies the idea that “with power comes responsibility”. As the newly appointed editor of the Eastern Cape daily, lauded for its unique brand of campaign journalism, he uses his power to ensure that the information he publishes is responsible and responsive to the community’s needs. His leadership style offers new ideas but old values, many of which he learnt at his grandmother’s knee. “We encourage our journalists to use their pens to fight social injustices, defend the vulnerable and fight hard for their own communities,” he says. Having penned his way through every beat from education to politics, Siqoko brings both experience and integrity to his managerial role. Even his brief years in corporate and government communications only proved what his heart already knew — that he is a journalist by vocation, not just training. That makes it his responsibility to be true to himself and the people who rely on him for information about their world. — Cat Pritchard