David Jacobson and Yossi Hasson

David Jacobson and Yossi Hasson make a good team. To start with, they’re both crazy about technology, having known from an early age that that is what they wanted to do. In the eight years since they formed their company, Synaq, they have acquired a 51% stake in an acquisitions deal with Internet Solutions (Dimension Data) and were listed as one of Forbes’s top-20 tech start-ups in Africa in 2012. Synaq, which processes more than one billion emails a month, may be one of the leaders in cloud solutions and internet security services, but its founders most definitely do not have their heads in the clouds. Driven, determined, self-confessed tech geeks, they both completed the Stanford Endeavour Leadership programme as “High Impact Entrepreneurs”. While Jacobson, as a martial arts First Dan, keeps the company fighting fit, Hasson, the cum laude MBA graduate and now lecturer, continues to ensure that it performs to its full potential. — Caroline Cowan