Eliza Govender

Eliza Govender, who is 31, has worked for many years in the field of HIV advocacy. She is currently programme manager of the health communications postgraduate track at UKZN, through which she enables fellow lecturers, government officials, journalists and directors of non-governmental organisations to communicate effectively about public health. Concurrently, Govender is research manager at the Centre for Communication, Media and Society at UKZN. Before joining the university Govender worked at the non-governmental organisation HIVAN, where she held workshops with HIV-positive children and adults, empowering them to address issues of poverty and resources. She has had several journal articles published in international public health journals, was co-author of a book on health communication and has submitted to UKZN her PhD thesis, which focuses on HIV and Aids communication strategies. Govender believes effective communication strategies can open doors to hard-to-reach communities and can be used effectively to address the daunting challenges of HIV. — Ilham Rawoot