Iain Campbell

Iain Campbell learnt the basics of bodyboarding when he was seven years old. He was instantly hooked, and spent hundreds of hours in the water, riding waves and learning how to do cut-backs, floaters and spins. The hard work paid off — his achievements range from two South African under-15 titles to a South African Pro Tour title. But the best was yet to come. Last year Campbell attended the international Surfing Association World Bodyboarding Championships in Venezuela, where he overshadowed bodyboarders from seven other countries to take the coveted world title in the drop knee category. He’s now working towards qualifying for the World Bodyboard Tour, something that entails more hard work, which he welcomes. “I love the fact that I can get up in the morning, watch a beautiful sunrise and get some amazing waves. It’s very easy to just forget about all my troubles and focus on something that is so close to my heart.” — Fatima Asmal