Jurie Alexander Fourie

Jurie Alexander Fourie wakes every morning with a head ablaze with ideas. A self-made man at 26, he is certain that “everything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. He came up with the idea for iFix while working in England as a tour organiser for some of South Africa’s biggest bands. His iPod broke and he was told that it couldn’t be fixed. “I was disgusted that I was expected to just throw my baby away!” he says. And so, going online, he discovered a way to repair his treasured music player. The skill turned out to be very marketable and, six years later, iFix employs 40 people, services 4 000 clients a month and repairs almost anything that begins with a lowercase “i”. During his time as an entrepreneur Fourie has been involved in starting eight business, including RiCharge — the first business to manufacture, design and distribute public cellphone-charging stations in Africa. — Billy Rivers