Keratile Pekane

Keratile Pekane joined Liberty in 2011 after she was selected into the Liberty Graduate Programme. At 28, Keratile is a business analyst and a junior economist within the Liberty retail strategy and execution department. This division is extremely diverse and gives her an opportunity to extend her footprint on various projects and initiatives, ranging from customer- orientated initiatives to looking at cost-optimizing projects. She is a consultant in her own right, and believes in getting her hands dirty in different areas in order to learn the business. Keratile has a BCom economics from Unisa, and also holds a diploma in business analysis. Born in Zambia while her parents were in exile, she has had the opportunity to live in different countries and meet people of different cultures. “Even though I travelled all over, I always knew I was a South African, and my parents always ensured that I should be proud of who I am and where I come from.” Keratile looks at Africa as a booming continent with an abundance of opportunities. “It is crucial for us, as young Africans to have the necessary skills and specialties in order for us to see our continent progress, and to become a major player in the global economy,” she says, “and being a business analyst is certainly not the end of my path.” In her spare time, Keratile, who lives by Ghandi’s motto of being the change that you want to see, enjoys anything to do with travel and adventure. She loves her country, and aims to learn and know every corner of South Africa.