Malcolm Rees

It must be satisfying to hear Pravin Gordhan reference your work in his budget speech. Malcolm Rees knows the feeling. His investigations into garnishees and irregularities around insurance loans and credit providers caught the attention of the national treasury, which set up a task team to investigate wrongdoings. It looks as though laws will be changed and offenders brought to book. Welcome to the human side of macroeconomics, the part that 28-year-old Rees questions every day as a financial investigative journalist. His investigation into the department of public works uncovered endemic fraud and won him the Citadel Award for “breaking news story of the year, online” in 2011 — his first year on the job. This year he was shortlisted for the Taco Kuiper prize for investigative journalism. For him it’s about addressing social and economic inequalities by “looking at people through a financial lens and trying to understand how economics impacts on how they live.” — Cat Pritchard