Nakampe Modike

Nakampe Modike knows the value of good water. And he is making sure that not only is there enough of this precious resource in our country but also that as many people as possible understand its value. Growing up in Relela Village in Limpopo where just getting to school meant a 6km walk, Modike was always aware of the importance of access to resources as well as to knowledge and information. Although proud of his role as specialist auditor for Rand Water Board in bringing close to 12-million people decent drinking water, his real passion is the Rural School Water Project, a community initiative focusing on awareness and education in rural schools. He believes we are where we are because of the contribution of others. Using the lingo of his other passion, playing provincial-level pool, his contribution is to empower rural youth through learning and mentorship, giving them a fair shot at the future. — Caroline Cowan