Nicole Klassen

Nicole Klassen has worked in television, film and animation, but her passion is Bozza, a mobile start-up and a video-on-demand app that at one point was downloaded 40 000 times in three days. In her industry the demand for content is growing; her job is to turn that into economic opportunity. It’s work that requires tenacity for unearthing talent and drive to find innovative ways to unlock the opportunities for that talent. But she is not a bleeding-heart creative. Klassen makes use of a very strong network, cultivated during her time at the Cape Film Commission, as a board member of Animation SA, and in her travels as speaker. She also takes a no-nonsense approach to “I wanna be famous” artists with an appetite for entitlement that is not matched by hard work. She dedicates her time to the artists for whom “being creative is not an option, but a calling” and endeavors to take their craft to the world. — Joonji Mdyogolo