Ntombizozuko Dyani-Mhango

Ntombizozuko Dyani-Mhango, born and raised in the small rural township of Peddie, has gone on to become the first black South African associate professor of law at the University of the Witwatersrand’s School of Law. It was the oldest of her four older siblings, her sister, a social worker, who inspired her to reach such heights. “The biggest challenge is that I come from the background of Bantu education,” she says. Undeterred by that, “Zozo”, as she is affectionately known, overcame the challenge through sheer hard work and her motto of “reading, reading, reading!”. At 34 she holds both a Doctorate of Juridical Science in International Law from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States, and an LLM from the University of the Western Cape and has written for many local and international law journals. A firm believer in staying true to your roots, she is living proof that “your upbringing won’t stop you from accomplishing great things”. — Billy Rivers