Ryan McManus

Ryan McManus has gone native. After spending eight years abroad at some of the top advertising agencies in London, Munich and Amsterdam, winning accolades such as Eurobest and Art Directors Club awards, he is back in South Africa as executive creative director at Native. Connecting advertising and design with ideas that make a difference, McManus started Jointhepipe.org. The sale of uniquely shaped water bottles contributes to water pipes being built in areas where access is difficult. Jointhepipe won Unicef’s best initiative of the year in 2009. Excited about making an impact right here, McManus has big ideas in the pipeline such as the Nedbank Cup, which aims to give ordinary South Africans the opportunity to follow their dreams and play in a real football team. When he is not riding the wave of his own success, McManus is usually waiting to catch the perfect wave somewhere along the West Coast. — Caroline Cowan