Sam Paddock

Sam Paddock is executive director and co-founder of GetSmarter, an online education company endorsed by the University of Cape Town, which has successfully educated more than 13 000 students to date. “Education is a global issue,” says Paddock, “and it is a privilege to be involved in a growth industry with the potential to impact people’s lives so positively.” Since establishing GetSmarter with his father in 2008, 30-year-old Paddock has enjoyed navigating this relatively uncharted business landscape and the freedom it affords to “fail regularly and succeed often”. For him, both personally and professionally, it’s all about the learning. He sees what he does as a way of shaking things up, of disrupting outdated methods of thinking to make way for new and better ones. Paddock is a member of the Growth Academy, an initiative that trains digital artisans in township communities and provides scholarships to enable previously disadvantaged individuals to participate in online short courses. — Billy Rivers