Trisha Chetty

When Trisha Chetty walked on to the field for her first game of hardball cricket she could hear the whispers: “Take it easy on her, she’s a girl.” But she let her bat do the talking and soon she was just one of the guys. Chetty started playing cricket at seven at a mini tournament in her hometown of Chatsworth. The coach suggested the girls’ team but she insisted on playing with the boys, and took seven wickets in her first match. She moved over to girls’ cricket as a teenager and was selected to play for South Africa at the age of 18. Now 24, Chetty serves as wicketkeeper, vice-captain and opening batswoman for the national team. Her goal this year is to be among the top 10 female cricketers in the world — not far-fetched considering that she’s currently number 17. — Fatima Asmal