Yashin Gopi

At only 30, Yashin Gopi has achieved a level of excellence in his field that others can only dream of. As head of quantitative research for Cadiz, a financial services group, Gopi has honed his knowledge of finance, maths, statistics and programming to a razor’s edge — an edge he uses to analyse and model the financial markets. Gopi joined Cadiz’s Graduate Internship Programme in 2004 after graduating cum laude in Actuarial Science and Financial Maths from the then University of Natal (now UKZN). For the past five years he has been ranked one of the top six analysts for quantitative research and risk management in the Financial Mail‘s National Analyst rankings. Last year he was rated second in that field, and ranked fifth for innovative research — making him the highest-rated individual at Cadiz, one of the highest in the industry, and an extremely inspirational figure to the many interns he mentors. — Billy Rivers