Zukiswa Vuka

At 22 Zukiswa Vuka’s main interest lies in educating young people and the poor about their voting rights. Her work at MVC involves campaigning to improve the accountability, transparency and inclusiveness of elections and politics in South Africa. She is currently on a fellowship with the non-governmental organisation Ndifuna Ukwazi, where she learns about activism and organising, as well as receiving the political and legal education she needs to be a good activist. Before this she worked as a volunteer in Khayelitsha with education NGO Equal Education, informally educating learners about issues that affect their education, ranging from the function of the minister to the history of the education system, in order to build an environment in which learners can find solutions to their common problems. Vuka’s passion is using the law to advance the Constitution and eliminate inequalities and human rights violations in South African communities. — Ilham Rawoot