Ahmien van der Walt

Fundraising specialist

Ahmien van der Walt is a well known figure on the arts and culture scene; he has worked as a fundraiser in the industry for six years and has, during the course of his career, secured essential government and corporate support.  He spends his time seeking the best in people and he believes that he has found it.

“This job has been a true testament to the kindness of humanity,” says Van der Walt. “I’ve found my thing, the thing that I wake up for every day and strive to do the absolute best I can. This year is special to me because it is my 10th in the creative arts sector.  I fell in love with this industry when I worked at the Baxter Theatre Centre at the age of 16 and I’m still in love today.”

Van der Walt’s career as a fundraiser has spanned several organisations, including the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Themba Interactive-Initiatives for Life, the Cape Town Opera Company and his current position at Iziko Museums of South Africa.

“Fundraisers are absolutely essential to any non-profit organisation,” adds Van der Walt. “Fundraising is a professional association of individuals who are responsible for generating resources that will advance the sustainability of good causes and various non-profit organisations.”

Van der Walt believes the next generation must be inspired to follow their dreams, wherever they may be, and he has opted to take on pro bono work to support this belief.

“Over the years I’ve assisted various organisations in drafting proposals or assisting with research,” he says. “I think one of my passions is capacity building and up-skilling individuals who are interested in fundraising as a profession.”

Van der Walt found his niche early on in life and has spent every minute of his career nurturing this passion and making sure it translates into something that will benefit all South Africans.  — Tamsin Oxford