Aslam Levy

Director of Social Media, GCIS

A deep fascination with technology from an early age, together with the early realisation of how transformative access to information can be, set Aslam Levy on a path to change lives for the better and transform society.

Levy has made it his life-long journey to ensure that more citizens are able to improve their lives by better access to government services and information through an internet capable device.

As director of social media at Government Communication and Information System, Levy is leading the charge in government for the adoption of technologies that will allow easier, cost effective and convenient citizen interaction with government.

“My vision is a public service that utilises digital innovations to make it flatter, more agile, streamlined and technology-enabled. That will see a government that is more participative, accountable, responsive, transparent and service delivery oriented,” says Levy.

To achieve this, Levy led the initiatives to develop the first mobile application for the South African government, along with a co-ordinated effort to integrate social media into the public service culture and way of working.

“With the increase in the use of mobile devices and social media by citizens, it will be through technology that we will reach into the deeper rural areas where government information can be hard to find,” says Levy.

“The adoption of these new technologies requires me to engage senior politicians with educational sessions and workshops where we unpack how we should use these new digital tools. While there still is apprehension, we have made good progress in rolling out this new digital face of government.”

As a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Levy attended the One Young World summit last year in Johannesburg as one of the four young South Africans selected by Brand South Africa. Appointed incoming curator of the Tshwane hub, he will represent the city at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Curators Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, in August. — Linda Doke