Bonolo Magoro

Investment Analyst

“My greatest wish is to have asset management and investment analysis more accessible to women as a profession,” says Bonolo Magoro (32), partner and investment analyst at First Avenue.

Her company has two equity products and she’s responsible for the research and analysis of listed industrial firms, with a focus on healthcare and food producers as well as hotels and leisure sub-sectors. “I am also head of dealing responsible for portfolio implementation,” she says.

After obtaining a bachelor of business science degree from the University of Cape Town, she started work in 2005 as an analyst at Kagiso Securities before joining Stanlib and finally First Avenue.

She says that many young South Africans are hamstrung by issues around confidence and fear. “I have come to a deep understanding and appreciation of what confidence is. Our young people have lost their fire and are consumed by fear and lack of confidence. If we can encourage young people to dream big and believe that the pursuit of their dreams is achievable, we would get more out of them.

“I draw inspiration from many areas of my life, be it friends who pursue their dreams with relentless passion or financial professionals who are able to achieve great returns on their investments. I’m also a huge fan of people like Oprah Winfrey who take on the world [in] their own way and inspire the rest of us.”

Her immediate plans are to “sharpen her wits” and complete her master’s in sociology development studies.

“You have to be fearless in how you go after what fulfills you as an individual – young people need to have that belief in order to have a chance at being successful at anything.” – Greg Gordon