Carlyn Fischer


As is the case with many athletes, Carlyn Fischer found her passion for sport at a young age. She was six when she started running and was introduced to triathlon at 11.

“Growing up, I was trying to do as many different sports as possible and really enjoyed cross-country running. When I turned 16, I started pushing myself really hard in the triathlon. It was during this time I came to a crossroads when I was offered a bursary in the United States for cross-country and athletics. However, my passion was triathlon and I ended up remaining in South Africa to pursue it more seriously,” she says.

But being a professional athlete is just one facet of her life. She is finishing her law degree, which will give her the opportunity and time to become a full-time triathlete from July.

“I am giving myself six months to a year to adjust to the full-time training programme and will then be hitting the international events to quality for the Rio Olympics in 2016. The exposure the sport is getting in South Africa is really helping athletes to get the sponsors they need to pursue international events and global recognition.”

Having won the triathlon at the 2011 African Games, Fischer wants to push herself harder to get to the top of the sport internationally.

“It does not matter where your passion lies, you need to give 100% to that talent and develop it. Hard work and determination will pay off in the end.” — Iwan Pienaar