Ishay Govender

Freelance Writer

Ishay Govender has been writing since she can remember and has been inspired by people and cultures all her life. She has taken a roundabout route to her current career as a freelance writer in travel, culture and food, and is now the proud owner of an award-winning blog Food and the Fabulous.

“I’ve always been fascinated by culture, especially the branch of study called cultural anthropology and the similarities and differences to my own world of experience,” says Govender.

“I’ve always been motivated to uncover what makes people act in certain ways and was elected a member of Youth Parliament with Street Law when I was 15. My interest in human rights issues was ignited by this experience and this inspired me to study a psychology undergrad while doing a full-time law degree.”

Govender has been driven by the desire to help and understand people better which led her to write about her experiences and launch her blog.

“My travel and food blog gave me the courage and permission to pursue a writing career and it won an award for best South African food and wine blog before it turned one!” said Govender.

She has spent time working with a variety of social causes that include an affiliation with the World Food Programme in 2011/2012 and she launched the South African National Cookie Swap, is now moving into its fourth year. Govender has used the Cookie Swap to raise money for Khayelitsha Cookies, an organisation that empowers women in the community.

“Last year we helped to raise enough money for shoes and chairs for all the women who work at the Khayelitsha Cookies factory and we are hoping to help another women’s group in the same way this year,” concludes Govender.

Bright, brilliant and eminently talented, Govender is using her skills to build communities, inspire others and make a difference. — Tamsin Oxford