Kanyisa Booi

Chief Administrator, Young Generation Thinkers

Kanyisa Booi says that serving society is inscribed in her soul – and it shows.

She’s the chief administrator of Young Generation Thinkers, an organisation whose vision is to create generational strategists by getting young people actively involved in policy making.  She’s also part of the Democracy Development Programme’s Youth Network, which gives youth organisations a platform to share best practices and collaborate, as well as Activate! Change Drivers, a network of young leaders trying to effect positive change through innovative projects in their own communities.

There’s also Redlipsza, which stands against the abuse of women and Edubank, which helps underprivileged primary school children with books and uniforms, both of which she’s involved in.

Booi (31) lives by the motto “Making it better a day at a time”.

It was this that prompted her to become involved in Young Generation Thinkers in 2011.  “I could no longer pretend that all is well, democracy is a lot of work and needs all of us to work,” she says.

“I needed to be informed and get other young people into the same frame of mind so that we can change the current status quo.”

The organisation has successfully roped in 150 young people for its Adopt a River initiative, which entails a clean-up of rivers, and is also involved in other environmental and social cohesion programmes with the Expanded Public Works Programme.

It also provides continuous life skills and leadership training to youth.

Booi says she believes that young people need to hear their own voices and own it, as well as take responsibility for their own issues and work towards resolutions.

“I want our country to be better than I found it for my son and his generation.” —  Fatima Asmal