Khusela Sangoni

National Media Liasion Officer, ANC

Khusela Sangoni has committed her professional life to the marriage of her two passions – working for an organisation whose mission is to realise a better life for all, and using her technical competence in communications to contribute to that objective.

Now 35 years old, Sangoni has been a member of the ANC for half her life, during which time she has served on all executive leadership structures of the ANC Youth League at branch, regional, provincial and national executive level.

Now the national media liaison officer for the ANC, Sangoni’s job involves working closely with the ANC’s department of information and publicity to manage the public profile of the party, covering all media related matters.

She also serves as the acting spokesperson for the ANC Women’s League, managing the organisation’s media profile.

Sangoni believes there is no greater inspiration than having the opportunity to do work you are committed to and are passionate about.

“There is still a lot more that collectively we need to do to tell the good story behind the achievements of South Africa and its people. My greatest motivation is this acknowledgement of the potential to create platforms for meaningful engagement that drive our country forward.”

Sangoni sees her role as one that carries a responsibility to her peers and to the entire younger generation of South Africa to give impetus to the importance of a generational mix, and the importance of placing young people in positions of responsibility. — Linda Doke