Kristin-Ann Cronjé

Chairman of the Junior Board, Alexander Forbes

Business dynamo Kristin-Ann Cronjé (29) is the chairman of the Junior Board at international financial and risk services firm Alexander Forbes – a platform the company set up to create opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills.

Cronjé began her career at the company in 2008 as a member of the actuarial team and works in the research and development department, where she helps to design medical aid benefits.

“In 2012, I helped to set up the inaugural Junior Board at Alexander Forbes and was elected its deputy chairman,” she says.

“ In October last year, I was voted in as the chairman – and my focus now is to leave a solid foundation when my tenure ends in October for future junior boards.”

Cronjé acknowledges the important role of youth in society and says education is key if young people are to fulfil their potential.

“I feel it is our responsibility as young South Africans to carefully exercise the rights and choices that we have, bearing in mind that everything we do will have an impact on someone else, either now or in the future. Education plays a crucial role in empowering young people to make sensible and informed decisions in their lives and in ultimately become successful leaders in their chosen fields.”

“I believe our achievements, capabilities and successes are not defined by our age but rather by what we do,” she says.

Cronjé’s immediate plans are to continue studying. “I’m currently doing CFP [a post-graduate qualification in financial planning] and then want to study enterprise risk management, and possibly finish off my CFA [a post-graduate qualification in financial analysis] — if I still have the energy,” she laughs. — Greg Gordon