Lerato Mahoyi


Lerato Mahoyi is known as an inspirational go-getter who goes out of her way to improve the lives of others. Mahoyi’s drive to help people less fortunate than she is sees her involvement in a wide range of activities, from mentoring young women in her community of Orange Farm in Gauteng to managing a soccer team of 120 young boys to help set them in a positive direction in life, and she is the national focal point for Hands Up for Her, an African campaign that advocates rights for women and children across Africa.

Mahoyi is also media liaison and special projects co-ordinator at BlaqApple Communications, which specialises in events planning and youth socio-economic projects.

Over the years she has focused on facilitation, content development and event co-ordination, training young people in innovation, leadership and socio-political navigation.

“I believe that the work I do chose me, I woke up into it – I’m passionate about giving, particularly to young people in South Africa. I am where I am because somebody who was once in my position gave their time, effort and energy to help me. It’s now my time to help others to become the best they can be.”

Mahoyi’s motto in life is no matter how dirty and dark our past is, our future is spotless.

“This motto has helped me get through many of the challenges I have faced in my life – it keeps me strong and determined to continue helping others.” — Linda Doke