Morgane Carriot

Production Manager, Township

Morgane Carriot is the production manager for the social enterprise Township. She plays a key role in ensuring that the women-led co-operatives with which Township collaborates to produce bags for conferences and retail outlets have sustainable jobs and income.

French-born, Carriot always dreamed of living in South Africa, and knows she has found not only the country where her heart lies, but a path that fits her passion to motivate people and impact positively on their lives.

Her work at Township plays a substantial role in reducing unemployment, poverty and social inequality in South Africa, and stimulates social innovation.

Carriot keeps mentally strong and inspired by acknowledging that it’s normal to face challenges, but that during difficult times it’s important to keep positive and ensure good energy.

“We don’t always realise when we are in a difficult stage, but it’s in those moments that we learn the most. It’s those times that make us stronger,” says Carriot.

That approach certainly explains Carriot’s motto in life: we, as individuals, are the first people who can make things happen – for ourselves, for others and for the world.

For Township to amplify its social impact and create more sustainable jobs for low-skilled people from marginalised communities, Carriot’s leadership will be crucial. She is dedicated to playing an important role in shaping future social innovation in South Africa. — Linda Doke