Mpange Chapeshamano

Managing Director, Africa Red

Mpange Chapeshamano (32) is the managing director of Africa Red Advertising and Communications. He has been working in the field of marketing and communications for 12 years and he is still as inspired and driven by this market as he was when he started.

“It has been a beautiful journey and I’m inspired by Africa,” says Chapeshamano. “Africa’s people, textures and potential are inspirational, as is the hunger that its people have to succeed.”

Chapeshamano says that travelling across the African continent has allowed him to develop a different way of thinking and exposed him to a rich variety of lifestyles.

“It has made me realise what a beautiful continent I am part of and how it is battling for its economic freedom,” he says. “My most valuable experience has been my working directly with consumers and understanding their psyches. Working on the ground has helped me come up with ideas that really thrive in this market.”

Chapeshamano loves coming up with ideas and he believes that it is essential that young South Africans shape their own destinies.

“You cannot win unless you play the game and this applies to life as well,” he adds. “Unless young people are motivated to do what makes them happy we won’t go anywhere as a country or as a continent.”

Chapeshamano has certainly taken his own advice as he runs a successful agency and works with a myriad of different people. He is committed to his work and is currently involved in a range of client projects that he can’t say much about – it’s all very top secret, but he did intimate that they are all about the youth of Africa.

“Keep watching this space.”  — Tamsin Oxford