Noni “MsCosmo” Rwaxa

Radio personality

Mix tapes, music and mates – these are the qualities that propelled Noni “MsCosmo” Rwaxa into the spotlight and one of the most coveted DJ spots in the country with 5FM.

Her lyrical voice and the perfect tunes she has picked have graced the radio waves for some time now, and she believes that it took luck and commitment to bring her to this point in her career.

“The love of music keeps me going. The feeling I get from expressing myself through music gets my blood pumping,” says Rwaxa. “I took DJ lessons to get started in the music industry and after long hours of practice, horrible gigs and opportunities taken and lost, I am where I am today.”

Rwaxa is also a strong advocate of getting more women on radio as they can offer a new and much needed perspective.

“Women in radio are becoming increasingly well represented, which makes it interesting to listen to. Entertainment isn’t a boys-only club anymore. Women are breaking boundaries and proving that their thoughts count.”

Certainly, Rwaxa brings her sharp mind to a wide range of topics when she’s on air and she finds that everything is important to look at, talk about and discuss.

“I’ve been lucky to know so many influential people in this industry who’ve motivated me and given me advice whenever I have needed it,” says Rwaxa. “They’ve opened my mind to the possibility of being bigger than I am.”

Rwaxa has got a project or two coming up that she can’t whisper a word about right now, but she’s definitely excited. Hopefully they won’t take her off the airwaves and we’ll get to enjoy her upbeat social style on 5FM for a little while longer. — Tamsin Oxford