Rebone Mogodi

Head: Project Office, Consumer Goods Council of South Africa

Prior to joining the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA), Rebone Mogodi worked in the IT operations field for Microsoft South Africa, where she was the lead consultant on engagements in southern as well as east and west Africa, a role that gave her great exposure to how business is done in Africa. So when a business development opportunity opened up in the global standards division of the CGCSA, she was immediately drawn to it.

“It provided the opportunity to leverage the years of experience I had working at a global IT multinational with the passion I have for starting and cultivating something new.”  She was not disappointed. Mogodi is the head of the project office at the CGCSA, which is responsible for overseeing the execution of industry projects. The CGCSA is a not-for-profit industry body organisation that represents members of the consumer packaged goods industry.

The council speaks and acts as a collective for its members and its mission is to help nurture, protect and grow the supply chain for the industry, which contributes around 18.2% of South Africa’s gross domestic product and is the second largest employer in the country after the government.

A member of the executive committee, Mogodi’s role involves contributions to the direction of the organisation and ensuring that mandates as given by the board of directors are executed through the implementation of the right initiatives, at the right time and within budget.  “Every day is exciting, there’s a never a dull moment,” she says, regarding her position.  “The kind of engagements that each of the CGCSA business units are involved with, the stakeholders we engage – this is what inspires me and keeps me motivated.”  — Fatima Asmal