Solly Malatsi

Member of Parliament, DA

Some enter politics for the glory gained, without giving thought to the guts or graft required. That’s not so for Solly Malatsi, who chose a career in politics driven by his passion to pursue justice in society and to expand opportunities for hardworking young people to fulfil their potential.

At just 24, Malatsi was a spokesperson for the MEC for transport in the Western Cape, when he was headhunted to be Patricia de Lille’s spokesperson when she won the election for mayor of Cape Town in 2011.

Now 28, Malatsi was recently elected a member of Parliament for the Democratic Alliance, which will see him promoting the DA’s alternative offer of leadership to South Africa, and working to grow and manage DA structures in local communities in various constituencies in Limpopo.

This, says Malatsi, will involve a great dealing of fighting for the service delivery needs of constituents, holding the government responsible for its performance, non-performance and promises made to the public.

“I draw inspiration from various people in politics, sports and civil rights movements who have relentlessly pursued excellence while using their influence and skills to uplift the less fortunate to also chase their dreams.

“What people such as Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali grappled with and ultimately conquered inspires me to persevere despite the obstacles I might encounter.” — Linda Doke