The NYDA Thusano Fund

Facilitating youth development within all sectors of society

The Thusano Fund, meaning helping hand, is a National Youth Development Agency initiative aimed at assisting young people or youth organisations with day to day requirements. The NYDA is inundated with requests from youth who need extra funding to settle outstanding school or university fees, students who have been awarded bursaries but require a little extra cash to settle their travel expenses or living expenses or a local sports teams that is in need of equipment.

These are young people that are agents of change, making great strides in improving conditions in communities across the country, studying relentlessly towards becoming the next great scientist, engineer or chartered accountant.

The NYDA cannot fulfil the requirements of all the young people of South Africa alone and therefore the agency continues to appeal to stakeholders from government of and the private sector to partner with us, for young people. The NYDA has however, made significant impact in the lives of ordinary South Africans. It is evident from each of these stories that in fact young people are doing things for themselves and their communities but also that as the NYDA we are altering the harsh reality faced by so many of our young citizens.


SAPD receives a helping hand

Yershen Pillay visits Soweto Association for Persons with Disabilities

Promise Nhlapho together with the Soweto Association for Persons with Disabilities (SAPD), a Non-Profit Organisation, received specialised educational equipment, practical learning aids and apparatus suitable for people with disabilities through the NYDA Thusano Fund SAPD is aimed at equipping local youth with disabilities with practical skills to enable them to achieve their full potential and be integrated into mainstream

I have a matric certificate unlike many of my peers here at SAPD but despite this I had no practical skills or experience so I started attending classes at SAPD. I have since gotten a job and earn R450 a week which might seem like a little but at least I am independent. For someone that comes from an informal settlement like me, I appreciate this income because I can buy food and clothes. I still come to SAPD twice a week where we do needlework and beading, I also try and assist them here to teach the other young people who are not as advanced as I am.-Promise Nhlapho