Craig Wilson

Editor, Stuff Magazine

Craig Wilson is dynamic young media personality who has worked his way up the ranks from journalist to editor in a short space of time. Currently the editor of Stuff Magazine, Craig has skills in photography, writing and technology with a clear focus on his goals for the future and the road his career is set to take.

Stuff Magazine is one of the few print titles in South Africa that has seen growth in recent years,” says Wilson. “Technology is becoming more pervasive and ubiquitous, and I am hoping Stuff can capitalise on that and continue to grow its audience. I am also beginning to get more speaking gigs and am getting involved in a couple of local podcasts and the like, and I’m always looking for opportunities in radio and television.”

Wilson has always been inspired by words, and wanted to write for a living from his teens. After completing degrees in philosophy and English at the University of the Witwatersrand he began his writing life as a music journalist, but soon wanted a career that would expose him to a wider range of people and experiences.

“I also wanted something which was future proof, would allow me to travel and would expose me to media other than print,” says Wilson. “Also, with technology there’s a sense that the best is always still to come. That optimism makes for a very stimulating and dynamic industry.

“My first big break came when I was appointed arts and entertainment editor at SL Magazine in 2008, then Duncan McLeod, founder of TechCentral, took a chance on me and hired me as his deputy in 2011.”

For Wilson, his time at TechCentral with McLeod was one of the most formative in his career as McLeod taught him to spot a real story, avoid the fluff and always remain ethical.

“Duncan was an incredibly motivating, inspiring and, at times, gruelling editor, which is exactly what I needed to bash me into professional shape,” concludes Wilson. “Now I’ve been fortunate enough to have the inimitable Toby Shapshak give me the opportunity to shape Stuff’s trajectory, which is proving to be the most fun I’ve ever had.” — Tamsin Oxford



 Twitter: @craigwilson