Dr Yudhvir Seetharam

Head of analytics, FNB Business

Yudhvir Seetharam completed his doctoral studies in behavioural finance — what he calls a more “realistic” way of applying finance theory. “Behavioural finance takes the textbook and turns it into reality, by incorporating more relevant assumptions about how we behave when participating in the market,” he explains.
Seetharam is one of the few researchers in South Africa actively conducting academic research in this field, and he’s drawing on that academic background as head of analytics at First National Bank Business. He’s responsible for heading up a team of analysts that examine customer-driven analytics, maximise customer experience and conduct reports that help benchmark the bank’s performance against those of other banks.
“In this age of information, data is generated at faster speeds, in more complex, unstructured ways, and, particularly, it’s becoming more costly to analyse data,” says Seetharam on the importance of finding techniques and tools to analyse data for accurate prediction of trends in various markets.
He studied a bachelor of commerce and majored in business finance and economics at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he also completed his honours degree in finance. He did his master’s while doing internships at various companies and lecturing part-time at Wits, before moving on to complete his PhD.
Seetharam sees the work that he is doing in analytics and big data as preparation for greater things to come. Companies across various industries that have started to harness the power of the information age “are leaning towards data analytical tools and expertise to be more in touch with their customers and to create better customer experiences” he adds.
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Twitter: @Yudhvir_S