Ejaz Khan

Producer, Radio Islam

Radio producer Ejaz Khan has a brilliant knack of tracking down interesting people for interviews that make the broadcasts on Radio Islam compelling. As the international content producer he lines up interviews and prepares the questions and background material so the presenters look good, he jokes. He also presents his own show, the Power Half Hour, which includes on-air workouts with health experts. “It’s fitness for the mind, body and soul.

We get you fit and sort your head out as well with a life coach, transformation coach, youth leaders and a chef with recipes for people who don’t have a lot of time for the kitchen,” Khan says. He started his career as a technician with Imperial Online, but after the world-changing events of September 11, 2001 he developed a keen interest in current affairs.

He joined Channel Islam International as an engineer, until someone noticed how often he told the news team about stories they were missing and he was recruited to join them. “I got scoops galore and realised this is something I could do well,” he says. As the international content producer he was admired for his knack of arranging powerful interviews from around the world. When he switched to Radio Islam he produced Women of Wonder in his first year, focusing on women who excelled in home-run businesses.

The show won the Best Promotion/ Event Award at the MTN Radio Awards. In 2012 he produced Children of Heaven, focusing on parents of physically and mentally challenged children, which also won at the Radio Awards. Khan was named the Best News and Actuality Producer at the same awards ceremony.

He believes his biggest asset is humour, which drives his popularity among the listenership. Although he has the talent to move into mainstream channels, he’s happy in Islamic media. “The listenership feels like family. People are able to identify with the topics we do,” he says. “There’s so much CNN, Sky and BBC and not much for the Muslim community. I like creating and finding news stories that are not exactly the same as you see on Sky and CNN and providing an alternative.” He can sing, too, and has released an album called Cover Up. When he fused humour and singing to create a series of parodies called Another Day in Parodies, it generated 100 000 downloads from Radio Islam’s website.

— Lesley Stones

Twitter: @ejaz_k