Mabine Seabe

Media and issues specialist, DA

Mabine Seabe believes politics flows through his veins, which is not surprising, considering he was born into it. His father was a South African Students’ Organisation activist during his university days, his uncle was a Pan Africanist Congress activist exiled to Lesotho and Canada, and his greatuncle was among those murdered by the apartheid regime in Sharpeville in 1960.

Seabe (27) was previously spokesperson to DA parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane, and feels he is on the frontline of the realignment of South African politics. “Serving the DA as a media and issues specialist is a great opportunity to learn, teach and contribute to a victory for the party in 2019,” says Seabe.

“Provincial politics is very different to national politics. Ultimately, I want to bring people closer to the work of provincial government and the DA in Gauteng, which is not often spoken about. It’s an exciting time to be in politics, and a humbling experience to serve a political party that contributes to the project of building a better South Africa.” Seabe’s mantra that keeps him inspired is that the fight for a just and fair society is far from over.

“For as long as children are growing up in squatter camps and receiving inferior education, my task is not complete. The work we do is not for money, titles or fame; we do what we do because we want to build a better country, and that project has been threatened by those who believe that South Africa is a product that can be sold to the highest bidder. Our fight is to ensure that poverty, inequality and unemployment are not the norm. Our work is to reignite hope and turn that hope into a reality.” Seabe finds his greatest challenge is to not lose sight of why he is in politics, which is to help build a better South Africa. “In the current climate, one cannot afford to get tired or to give up fighting, because once that happens the enemies — corruption, poor leadership and poverty — win,” he says.

— Linda Doke

Twitter: @Mabine_Seabe