Ndipiwe Olayi

Provincial chairperson, DA Youth

‘Tomorrow I want to be better than I was yesterday.” This is the determined motto young leader Ndipiwe Olayi lives by. At just 22 Olayi is one of the youngest councillors in South Africa, and as the current DA youth provincial chairperson, serves in the Stellenbosch municipality, mandated to revitalise youth structures in the province and South Africa.

Having always had an interest in current affairs and with an active involvement in community initiatives, Olayi says he chose the path of politics because he has always fought against all forms of injustice. He has a genuine passion to serve his community and represent those who have no voice. His political career began at university when he ran for SRC president in 2014. His campaign was centred around obtaining quality wifi for all students on campus. Being a young leader, youth development is one of Olayi’s priorities. “I’m currently working on the launch of a youth forum initiative that will be backed by the municipality, where the youth of Stellenbosch can come together to discuss pertinent youth issue and current political developments in our country.”

He realises that being in public office is a thankless task. He remains motivated by seeing people’s lives, skills and mindsets being developed for the better. “As a millennial and a born free, people my age are impatient to see things done. Not being able to see immediate development is a big obstacle I need to work on, as the desire to see one’s theoretical work implemented almost instantly is overwhelming,” says Olayi.

— Linda Doke

Twitter: @Ndipiwe_Olayi